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Some feedback recently reminded me that our guild charter, and concepts may come off a bit firm. But I believe in being organized and laying that foundation out. That all being said, Resonance is more about having a good time with friends, rather than rigid rules and guidelines.

Resonance is a two year old community, originally formed for Guild Wars 2. We had a blast in the beta weekends, and even did some live stream events to show people what it was like to "zerg ball" WvW before "zerg ball" was a term. We were in a big alliance, which was fun... but a lot of work as well. In the end it turned out it wasn't really worth it, but we still had a lot of fun and made some great friends in the process.

Currently we're enjoying our time in ESO and Wildstar.

We host social gaming nights to get everyone in together every few weeks, and we occasionally hold real life meet ups. PAX being in Aus now is a great excuse. There's nothing better than getting drunk with your nerd friends!

Here's some good examples of fun times and talent in the guild:

Scout Fortress 2 (Bats Only)

Our YT Channel (Nothing major, just having fun)

An Awkward moment between guild members stuck in a chest:

GW2 Legacy:

Resonance was once a part of a large GW2 Alliance, and the leader of the Oceanic aspect of things. We had a great time and made some great friends. Some of our members still play along side the great team on Blackgate. Here's the video a member made for GW2.

On our old site we also had a few editions of a guild "news paper" called Reverberations. It was a lot of fun, and nice to see we had some talented writers in the guild. Here's a piece about our first guild meet up:

Blind Date - By Rhodeo
A Magical Tale of “Oh God Where am I?”

Our story begins in the city of Sydney, in the land down under. It was a beautiful day for a change, with the autistic weather deciding to neither piss nor roast the inhabitants of the death-trap down south. It was here on this day that the guild Resonance decided to convene and outline their plans of world domination... er, I mean, a friendly meet up, nothing more.

Needless to say, seeing each other in something other than pixels was more than a pleasant experience. We gathered from all corners of the world (Australia mainly), to drink, eat cupcakes, and generally party the shit out of Sydney.

I have a hazy recollection of what actually happened that weekend. I do know that we ate Valleran’s cupcakes, drank food, ate alcohol, and a seagull stole my sammich. While not entirely accurate, I will try to retrace my steps so that you don’t get lost in the abyss that is my memory. Yes, you are now trapped in my mind. Congratulations. You want out? The door is by the monkey in a poncho with a shotgun.

DAY 1.

I joined the party with Nym, Falk, Cats, Canny, Sien, Roger, and Baeldan at the Inn. Afterwards, it was decided to venture to Darling Harbour. We sought the fabled Lindt Café, to gorge ourselves on chocolate. On our journey, we found a wild Oz in the tall grass, and he was soon assimilated into the mass.

We set our sights for Circular Quay, but priorities first! We took an emergency drinking break, and with the help of Sass and his Spiffy Suit, we quickly located a nearby bar to quench our thirst. Dinner took us to the Bavarian Bier Café, which could easily be summed up with the words: food, beer, cowbell, and cleavage. Oh and Purkle decided to finally join us instead of hitting on the barmaids, don’t lie we know you were.

DAY 2.

Objective, obtain Bacon.
Bacon sighted.
Hold that shit Sherlock, this place has waffles.
Deny bacon, obtain waffles (Waffles are superior you greasy bastard).

After the robotic procedure of breakfast, we moved to rendezvous at the botanical gardens with the remainder of the guild. Not once did I regret the choice of waffles over bacon, as I relaxed among Moas, Dolyaks, and Val’s finger lickin’ good cupcakes. What followed was a superb day that could only have been improved by the almighty elixir of the gods; alcohol. Taking command of the Australian, we partied into the night. As the guild gathered inside our newly acquired guild hall, we spent the night getting to know the faces behind the screen, aggroing security, downing jagerbombs, and lecturing Falkyre on the finer points of time travel. Well, that was until Sien crashed.

QUEST: Escort Sien back to the Inn.

DAY 3.

Tears were shed, it was truly a sad day for us all, we will remember that sandwich. It was a truly perfect creation, tasty yet spicy, the flavours balanced to the point that it almost melted on your tongue. Yet, despite all this, a FUCKING SEAGULL had to try and steal it. Cheeky little motherfucker he was. I will have my vengeance one day.
The rest of the day was spent riding ferries and finding a new Tavern to start a brawl. After sighting someone in Manly who I swear to god was Khal Drogo, we made our merry way back across the poison sea to the land of Westeros. Well, I think thats what happened, my memory is still quite hazy.

By the end of the weekend, we had all grown closer as a guild, and anyone who denies it is lying. I know you got close to some people more than others, yeah, in that way. I’m watching you, you know who you are.

PS. We also like cupcakes. And our favourite pastime is linking random stuff from the internet.
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