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Resonance's goals as a guild in the games we play is to build a reputation for being a laid-back guild of adults who know how to accomplish impressive feats without compromising the fun. It's important to take certain parts of the game seriously though. Like making sure you know your profession and your character is optimized for content and you're prepared to face your enemies in battle. It's also important to understand that your own dedication to making sure you're prepared reflects on everyone else's ability to enjoy the content as well.

Ambition and Motivation

Resonance wants to focus on building a close and cohesive community of people who can communicate well. We also know that in order for our community to grow and become a place where people want to be, we need everyone to step up when needed. Resonance values ambitious and motivated members who don't just wait around for someone else to do the job, but motivate themselves and others to see things happen.


We want to pride ourselves in being a fair guild with a leadership and membership that communicates well and blurs the lines enough to prevent the "them and us" situation that often causes too much drama within the guild. We personally disagree with leaderships that refuse to give an adequate explanation for their actions when questioned. While people might not always understand why a decision is made, we believe more detail than "that's just the way it is" should be offered to members. Resonance leadership has an open door policy and not only want feedback but appreciate the dedication shown when members bother to give feedback.


We want to include members as much as possible in communication, events and the fun. Most experienced members will be generous with their time by offering advice, assistance and contributing to informative posts on the forums to help new players, or less experienced players learn the game. It is however, up to the player to make sure they are able to participate at the required level and will need to make the effort themselves to achieve this. But that is certainly not to say you will not receive support from the guild. Resonance focuses on personality quality over performance numbers, because you can always teach someone with the right attitude. Negative people just bring the whole group down and will not find a home with Resonance.


Members are what make this guild a guild and it's important to the leadership to make members feel welcomed and appreciated. We do this through communicating with our members and allowing for and encouraging member participation and opinions or suggestions in guild matters. We want to make sure that members feel their opinions are valued, even if they oppose that of the leadership or go completely against the grain. Decision making should reflect the morals and ethics of Resonance and move towards our community goals. The decisions and actions should also reflect the majority of people in the guild, and this is why member input is important to us. It is important to remember that we cannot please everyone, but we do ask that everyone respect the opinion and stance of others, be it members or leadership.


We expect members might use coarse language, get into debates about topics, or laugh at some off-colour jokes, however we do expect players to understand where the line is and that they do not cross it. We also expect members will be able to dish out and take friendly jokes, but will feel comfortable asserting themselves politely if they do not like or do not find something humorous. We expect members will respect these personal boundaries. That being said, I really do not expect any of these things to be a problem at all within the guild, and this bit here is just me being thorough and overly cautious.


Most of all though, we want people to have fun and we'd be delighted to see friendships grow in this community. Everyone here games because they enjoy it and everyone here has chosen GW2 because this is the game they want to play. So while many of us like to take parts of the game seriously, there should always be time for a joke, a laugh and just a general great time among friends.

We hope to see you around in-game, as a member or on the battlefield.

~ The Resonance Leadership Team
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