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The following is the Resonance Guild Charter.

Please note: The information below may be changed or amended at any time for the sake of clarity, or for the addition of important information by the guild’s leadership.

This document exists because we believe current and potential members of this guild must understand the expectations placed upon them in order to be a part of this community. There’s nothing here that should be too revelatory. That being said, please read over it to ensure you know just what is expected of you so that Resonance can continue being such a great community full of awesome people.

Resonance’s Goals

Resonance’s main goal is to build a focused, mature gaming community. We aspire to have Resonance remain a community into all games in our present and future. Resonance seeks to make the most of our in-game time by being knowledgeable, coordinated, and efficient. Resonance values the power of communication and community in a gaming guild. We also seek to facilitate a place for members to enjoy success in gaming with like-minded individuals.

1. Member Expectations and Common Sense Aka: Don’t be a jerk.

It is expected that our membership be mature, respectful, reliable and considerate. Members should be capable of communicating with others to address concerns, work out differences, and perform as an efficient team. Members are also expected to take initiative in our community; If someone thinks something should happen, they should take measures to make it happen.

Being an adult guild, the possibility of adult content is expected. It is important to recognise where the acceptable line is and avoid crossing it. Apply common sense and know your audience.
Follow the Terms of Service of any game you are playing under the Resonance name. We ask that you refrain from cheating, stealing or the usage of illegal hacks or mods.
Be polite and use your manners. Be respectful of other people's opinions and life experiences. We do not tolerate prejudice.
Be self-sufficient. Gather your own resources, currency and information. People who rarely ask for anything are more likely to be on the receiving end of generosity.
Beware of touchy subjects such as (but not limited to) religion, politics, and currently controversial social topics. Again, know your audience and pick up on social cues. It is probably best to save those topics for private conversation instead of public guild space.
Competitive games or environments can play easy host to open criticism. Constructive criticism is welcomed in Resonance as long as it is delivered in a respectful manner. Negative criticism should be met with one thing and only one thing, no matter where you are dealing with it:
Don’t add fuel to the fire or feed the trolls. Be the bigger person and let it go.
Be respectful of other players and members of other guilds. It doesn’t matter if they’re in an opposing alliance or guild that may have a gripe with us. We are Resonance, and we’re better than petty mud-slinging.
2. Member Groups

Please see the relevant documents for full details of the ranks within Resonance, and the requirements and expectations for members in each.

3. Participation Expectations

3a. Meetings

Core Members and Officers are expected to attend guild meetings as regularly as possible. You are not expected to come to all meetings if you have other commitments but you must make an effort to catch up through the minutes taken if available. We hold guild meetings for a reason, and if you miss out, you may not be able to have your say in conversation or may miss out on hearing important information.

Officers are expected to attend all leadership meetings, or provide notice if they cannot attend so the remaining leadership can plan around their absence. Obviously there will be the occasional scheduling conflict, but it will become difficult to make up for missed meetings.

3b. Forums

The forums are used as the most important point of communication for this guild. With the frequency with which they are updated and added to, members are expected to check in on the forums as frequently as possible (ideally every day or every other day at least) to make sure they are up-to-date with what is happening. This is also important as strategies and discussions that will assist our teamwork and success in WvW, or to better our overall gameplay will be posted on the forums.

3c. TeamSpeak 3

The use of TeamSpeak is paramount for not only in-game communication and WvW coordination, but guild communication in general. Members will be required to at least listen to TeamSpeak if they wish to participate in group coordinated activities, especially WvW. However, it is strongly encouraged and highly recommended that all members make full use of voice communication, not only for the sake of socialising and getting to know guild members, but for fully cooperating and coordinating within in-game activities.

3d. Game Expectations

Members are expected to represent Resonance in game whenever they are participating in guild events, or playing with other members of Resonance in general.
Members are expected to learn and understand their chosen class and role to the best of their ability.
Members are expected to respect the time that others put aside for gaming. If you’re participating in a group, don’t go AFK at random or wander off and leave everyone waiting and wondering. Communicate and be considerate.
Members should not expect others to play the game for them or solve their problems. Everyone should put in the time and effort to work out and understand things themselves.
If members show initiative, people will be more than willing to help them learn.
If members participate in the guild the guild will participate with them.

4. Decision Making

Resonance is not a democracy, but leadership does value the input and opinions of the members of Resonance. Most times Resonance runs polls and opens discussion to gather popular opinion on topics, including things that are of incredible importance to the guild. Resonance leadership functions as a council to make decisions, but ultimately it is the guild manager that makes the final decision, but not without taking into account the opinions and needs of the guild members. Leadership has an open door policy and encourages all guild members to approach them, as well as understanding that members deserve and are welcome to an explanation for the decisions made.

5. Member Rights

Beyond basic human rights, Resonance believes that community members have the following rights:

5a. Mutual Respect:

Not everyone is going to agree upon the same things, but that does not mean they deserve an ounce less respect from those they disagree with. All members should have a mutual respect in their interactions with others within our guild’s social areas. This also includes ensuring debates, arguments and sensitive topics are kept to private discussions, and do not distract from friendly conversation over the forums, website chat box, guild chat, Teamspeak 3 or any public space related to Resonance.

5b. A Drama-Free Community:

All members are expected to deal with conflicts, concerns and complaints in a mature fashion. This directly involves not violating the right to mutual respect. The following offenses are considered to incite drama be it intentional or due to thoughtlessness:
Personal attacks.
Discussions and or words that could be construed as racist, sexist, or bigoted in nature, particularly with malicious intent.
Trolling, flaming or baiting in a malicious manner.
Disrespectful behaviour towards other guild members.
Disrespectful behaviour towards others outside of the guild, in-game or otherwise, when representing Resonance.
Posting lewd, graphic, or sexually explicit materials in public space or primary guild channels (in Teamspeak or on the forums)
Directed sexual comments towards other members or visitors
Impersonating another guild member by using the same or similar name
Other miscellaneous issues will be left at the discretion of the leadership to determine what is unacceptable.
6. Disciplinary Action

Resonance has a ‘no bullshit’ tolerance and will not put up with uncooperative, disrespectful or dramatic people. Leadership will always approach members when there is an issue that arises and make them aware of the issue and work towards a resolution. The leadership are more than willing to work with members that recognize they need help with their ability to interact within the guild, or social skills in general.

6a. The following actions will result in a warning:

Violating any item in the “Member Rights” section of this document
Breaking the ToS for any game Resonance is involved in
Breaking guild rule sets involving media, streaming and recording
If a member is a repeat offender, receiving multiple warnings, the situation will likely result in the offender being asked to leave the guild. Warnings may be issued alongside a temporary ban from Teamspeak, forums or even in-game activities. The leadership reserves the ability to use their own discretion in making a judgement with the best interests of Resonance in mind.

7. Conflict Resolution

Members are expected to treat each other with a mutual respect, which includes resolving conflicts. You will not be best mates with everyone, but coming to a resolution after an issue or disagreement aids to a cooperative team environment in Resonance.

If members are unable to resolve a conflict on their own, both parties will be pulled aside asked to allow an officer to mediate a resolution. If conflict appears in open guild space a warning will be issued to both parties and an officer will mediate a resolution. We will work towards a friendly ending, but we also accept that sometimes we all just have to agree to disagree. After resolution parties are expected to move forward and continue a mutual respect.

8. TS Rules

Do not impersonate other people on TS. This includes guild members, past visitors, other alliance members. Having a name that is even remotely close is also not allowed.
Do not record TS. Special exceptions will be made under our media rules set. Unless you have explicit permission from designated officers, do not record TS.
Be respectful to other people’s privacy on TS. Ask someone before you enter a room other than general discussion rooms or gaming rooms.
Refrain from obnoxious and disruptive behaviour in general chat.
Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action outlined in item 6.

9. Media and Branding Rules

9a. Branding:
Resonance branding belongs to Resonance, and used under the direction of the Guild Leader.
All members must request permission to use the guild name or branding beforehand for every instance of usage from the Guild Leader or designated officers.
Any branding alterations or amendments must be approved by designated officers before use.
9b. Streaming and Recording:

Branding the stream/ recording requires permission.
In-game streaming/ recording may be done at any time with the discretion of those streaming.
Members may only stream/ record audio from TS if it is done in a designated channel and all people involved understand their voice is being streamed/ recorded.
Members are asked to conduct themselves maturely and be conscious that they are representing Resonance if using our branding or guild name in their stream/ recording.
Streaming must be notified to the relevant leadership or group leader before going live.
Streaming or recording may include TS audio, as long as it complies with number 3 of this item.
Guild Leader and designated officers reserve the right to request the removal of any media that violates guild media and branding rules, or guild ethics.
If in doubt, ask.
Violation of these rules will result in disciplinary action outlined in item 6.

10. Charter Agreement

Upon joining Resonance as any member you agree to the conditions and systems outlined in this charter and other official documentation. Participating in discussion on our forums, teamspeak or in-game groups involving Resonance places you subject to the same standards and expectations outlined in this charter and other Resonance documentation.
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